What is a Hero essay

What is a hero? A hero could be many things. It could be. A guy in tights who comes down to save the day. It could be an ordinary man like a firefighter who saves lives with out superpowers. What is a hero to me? To me, a hero is someone who goes out of their way to help someone in need.

A hero will always go out of their way to help someone in need. A hero, such as a fireman, will go into a burning building to save a person trapped inside. A hero will barge into a bank to save hostages. A hero will charge into the middle of a battle to save his comrades, no matter if it costs him his life. A hero will always save someone in need.

A hero will not save someone for their own personal gain. They will not save someone if only for money. That would make them a hired thug. If a person saves someone only for the fame, they are only a vain and selfish being. If a person saves someone else only for personal satisfaction, they are only self-pleasing.

In all, A hero is someone who helps one an other not for their own needs, but for the needs of others. They help any and all that they see in need to the best of their ability. That is what a hero is.


AOW: iPad Shortcuts

Hey everyone, I’m back! It’s been awhile since I did any posting, but Ive got another article of the week for you guys!

So as you all know by now, the Apple iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad)  have a virtual keyboard built into the hard drive so that you can surf the web, type notes, and text with. And while there are some shortcuts like autocorrect that are somewhat well known to help you, there are some keyboard shortcuts that can help as well. First, there are some letter shortcuts, such as with a, e, n, and o, that if you press and hold them, related accented letters will appear for you to freely use. Some other keying shortcuts are the currency shortcut, which is accessed by holding down the $ key, and lets you choose from keys such as the euro and the pound. For web surfing, there is the special .com button. If you hold it, then the other TDLs will apear, such as .net, .org, and .gov.

All of these shortcuts are pretty cool. When I found the article, I was surprised at some of these shortcuts, like the .com and the currency ones. If you know about these shortcuts, it it sort of helps make up for the autocorrect frustration. What I would like to see, though, is a shortcut for emoticons, or “smileys” on the iDevices. It would definitely help with non-flash chatrooms (Apple iDevices do not support flash player)

Well, that’s all the time I have for today. Thanks for reading! Stay paranoid. Seacow, out.

re: AOW Healthy Gratitude

Hey everyone it’s me again, Josh. I found an article today that is pretty interesting. It is about how gratitude can make us healthier. As it turns out, expressing gratitude and keeping a healthy demeanor is actually neurologically helpful to our lives. It improves on how we react to the day and how we think about life.

There have been several studies that have taken place to study these benefits. Dr. Robert Emmons, PhD, conducted the research by assigning fifteen people into three groups. The first group had to keep a journal of all of the things that they were thankful for. The second group had to keep a journal about all of the hassles in life. The third group had to write about everything that affected their lives, but not to focus on the positive or negative. After about a week, the groups were interviewed on their journals. As it turns out, the people who wrote about the things in life that they are grateful for were healthier in the end than the ones who had the neutral and the negative point of view.

All in all, it is proven that gratitude can indeed make you healthier. That’s all I have for now on this subject. Until next time!

My English Class is “Awesome”

This pic represents my class because it is insane. We annoy the poop out of each other and never shut up. We play on the iPads and watch viral videos. We are loud. We are annoying. And we are awesome.

re: AOW Learning Speed

Hey everyone, its me, Josh. I found an article today about a very interesting topic, which is about why some people learn faster than others. The study of this topic shows that people learn based on two chemical reactions in the brain after a perceived mistake, as well as the mindset of the person in question.

The first response that people have is error-related negativity (ERN). this occurs about 50 milliseconds after screw up. The second reaction is error positivity, which occurs about 125 milliseconds after the screw up. The mindset of the person in general is also a big component in the speed of learning. If the person has a growth mindset, they will learn from their mistakes and try harder to correct them. The second mindset is a fixed mindset, which causes you to see a mistake as a dismal failure. These mindsets can be put into place by compliments to the person.

In a research of this, an even number of students took a test that was of the same difficulty for all of them. One half of the group was told that they were really smart to have gotten the good grades. The second half of the group was told that they really worked hard on the tests. After these compliments were given, there was an option of taking a harder test and a test of the same difficulty. The kids who were told that they were smart took the test of the same difficulty. ¬†Those that had been told they worked hard took the harder test. The ones who took the easy tests did so to preserve their egos, while the ones who took the harder ones did it to challenge themselves. Afterwards,a test was taken that was three grades above that level. The ones who were “smart” were discouraged, and the ones who were praised for their effort wanted to try harder and worked at the puzzle.

Afterwards, they all took a test similar to the one at the start. The “smart kids” scores dropped by 20%, and the ones who were praised for effort did very well. I think now it is plain to see that the speed of learning depends on the chemical reaction as well as the psychological implications of compliments. That’s all for this topic.

Until then, Seacow out.

World Issues- Global Warming

Hey everyone, it’s me, Josh. I was doing some more for the blog challenge and I came across an activity for global issues, so I chose one that I would have eventually ranted about. Here it is. Are you ready? How about now? Here it comes. (trolling you at this point) Global Warming. Now you may be wondering “Josh, do you think global warming exists?” Well, yes and no. I think that it is illogical that the planet is heating up due to human activity, but I think that there is warming. The warming that I think is happening is due to the natural atmospheric temperature cycle, which fluctuates to extremely hot to extremely cold.

What do I think about the reasons why some people think that there is human atmospheric interference? I don’t really know what my take on that is. I kinda-sorta think that it might have something to do with the area of the world that they are in or from, that might be affected by the heating of the earth. I’m not going into it any further for the sake of controversy.

I will have a poll up to see what you think on global warming. Until then, Seacow out.

My type of me

Hello everyone. So I’m still doing the blog challenge thing, and next I’m supposed to talk about the kind of person i am. So here it goes.

I am a fourteen year old boy that lives in the small town of Colleyville, TX. I tend to zone out constantly, usually on a single subject. I am paranoid about everything(hence “paranoidpeople”). I also like to play football and run Cross-Country. I am non-violent, except when family gets involved. I like to ride ATV’s, skiing, rock climbing, water skiing, video games, blogging(somewhat), and videoing. I plan to go to University of Oklahoma and get a degree in psychology, then move on to medical school to become a certified Psychiatrist.

Well that’s all. Bye then.