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World Issues- Global Warming

Hey everyone, it’s me, Josh. I was doing some more for the blog challenge and I came across an activity for global issues, so I chose one that I would have eventually ranted about. Here it is. Are you ready? How about now? Here it comes. (trolling you at this point) Global Warming. Now you may be wondering “Josh, do you think global warming exists?” Well, yes and no. I think that it is illogical that the planet is heating up due to human activity, but I think that there is warming. The warming that I think is happening is due to the natural atmospheric temperature cycle, which fluctuates to extremely hot to extremely cold.

What do I think about the reasons why some people think that there is human atmospheric interference? I don’t really know what my take on that is. I kinda-sorta think that it might have something to do with the area of the world that they are in or from, that might be affected by the heating of the earth. I’m not going into it any further for the sake of controversy.

I will have a poll up to see what you think on global warming. Until then, Seacow out.

A Year in My Town

Hey everyone, it’s me, Josh. So I’ve been doing this thing called a “blog challenge” for my English class and I’m way behind. So today, I’m doing five out of the nine I’m supposed to do by the 18th. I’m going to talk about what a year in my town (Colleyville, TX) looks like. Let’s start with January-March. It may be Texas, but it still gets pretty cold down here in the wintertime. After the Christmas celebrations, life gets pretty monotonous around here. It’s basically, wake up, go to school for five days, relax two days, go back to school. Spring break is pretty fun, but I never spend it here.

April-June is pretty boring, considering that it’s just before summer and exams. but school lets out in June, and then I turn one year older. Summer here is a million degrees all day every day. This is why I always go up to Salida, Colorado. It’s like my second home. I get to do all sorts of stuff while I’m up there laughing, er, I mean feeling sorry for those stuck back in Texas heat.

School starts again in September and life begins to repeat itself until Grapefest, which is a celebration in which a festival is held to celebrate the founding of Grapevine, a neighboring town(don’t quote me on that). Then thanksgiving is held, then Christmas and the cycle starts again. See you later. bye!