Semester 1 English Review

Hey everyone, guess what time it is. Exam time. And for extra credit, I can type my review for English class on this blog right here! So here are the definitions of some of the words on my review

Alliteration – alliteration is the repetition of a sound at the beginning of each word in a sentence. Example: Peter Pined for the Pringles his Parents had Purged.

Appositive – An appositive is when two noun phrases are placed side by side.  Example: Josh’s sister Payton helped him clean the house.

Author’s Purpose – Author’s purpose is why the author wants to write a story.  Example: An author’s purpose can be to inform, persuade or entertain.

Characterization – Characterization is creating a character and telling things about them.  Example: The patient boy and quiet girl were both well-mannered.

Diction – A writer’s vocabulary, use of language, and style of writing. Example: When Jim speaks in Huckleberry Finn, he speaks as an uneducated African American at that time would speak.

Imagery – Paragraphs, words, or phrases that describe how something appears. Example: The small dungeon was dark and dank.

Metaphor – A comparison of things without using like or as.  Example:  His homework was torture.

Noun – a person, place, or thing.  Example:  Josh

Personification – giving inanimate objects human characteristics.  Example: The wind whispered.

Plot – the storyline of events in a novel, short story, or an epic poem.  Example: Guy meets girl.  Guy plans to run away with girl.  Guy and girl die in end.

Summarize- to give a short explanation of something. Example: See Above.

Supporting Details – Details that support the plot or imagery.  Example: Details about a character’s past could support his motives in the storyline.

Symbolism- Something that represents something else.  Example: A dove representing peace.

Synonym – A word with the same meaning as another word.  Example: Scarlet and crimson both mean red.

Theme – The central idea, purpose, or message of a piece of literature.  Example: Love conquers all.  (Harry Potter)

Tone – The writer or speaker’s attitude toward the subject.  Example:  If the author or narrator were to give a character details or imagery that put him in a bad light, he would have a negative tone toward that character.




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