AOW: Destructive Myths

Hey guys, its been a while! I’ve got a new article of the week for y’all.

So in the business world, there are some policies that help your business, and then there are some that hurt it. The top four hurts are actually conceived as helpful in the world of business.

The first myth is multitasking. Multitasking is actually a false term. You cant do two tasks at once, but you have to switch from task to task. Switching tasks can be a huge stress on your brain, causing you to be less efficient in you workplace. When doing one task, we aren’t even aware of the others.

The second myth is that anxiety causes you to work better. In truth, however, it only inhibits your work level. Anxiety is a source of energy, sure, but it comes at huge costs. It causes you to think less imaginatively and give into impulse a lot more. The more positive your energy, the better you function.

The next myth is that creativity is inherited. I want to stamp that one with a big old WRONG stamp. You can teach people to be creative. Creativity doesn’t use just one side of the brain. Rather, it switches back and forth between hemispheres, using the one that best fits the situation. Creativity is about using the brain flexibly, and can be taught.

Finally, the last and most destructive myth. The long work hours myth. Humans can not function like computers; continuously, at high speeds, and for long periods of time. Instead, we are supposed to take breaks and rest during tasks. Long hours can put a strain on us, making us tired and irritable.

Well, that’s all for this week. until next time, Seacow out.


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