re: AOW Healthy Gratitude

Hey everyone it’s me again, Josh. I found an article today that is pretty interesting. It is about how gratitude can make us healthier. As it turns out, expressing gratitude and keeping a healthy demeanor is actually neurologically helpful to our lives. It improves on how we react to the day and how we think about life.

There have been several studies that have taken place to study these benefits. Dr. Robert Emmons, PhD, conducted the research by assigning fifteen people into three groups. The first group had to keep a journal of all of the things that they were thankful for. The second group had to keep a journal about all of the hassles in life. The third group had to write about everything that affected their lives, but not to focus on the positive or negative. After about a week, the groups were interviewed on their journals. As it turns out, the people who wrote about the things in life that they are grateful for were healthier in the end than the ones who had the neutral and the negative point of view.

All in all, it is proven that gratitude can indeed make you healthier. That’s all I have for now on this subject. Until next time!


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